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Mission: Inspiration 8″ Journal Cover (Part 1)

8″ Front Outside Cover

Time to put together a brand new journal for my Mission: Inspiration projects for 2019. I’m already a month behind on this project as today is the last day of January and February’s new Mission is only 2 days away! I thought it high time I got my shiz together and decorated the front cover at least! Click below to watch how I did it from start to finish!

Click above to watch.
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February 6×6 Stencil Releases

Both my new stencil designs for February (shipping starts on Mon 4th Feb) are now available to pre-order on my website. Check them out below!

Radial Dots 6×6 Stencil – Click the image for more details
Starburst 6×6 Stencil – Click the image for more details

All my stencils are 350-micron laser cut mylar, these stencils/masks are made from high-quality materials which mean not only can they be used with ink and paint, but can also be used with embossing/texture paste and they are also emboss-able on your die cutting machine.

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Monochrome Art Journal Page – “Try Not To Lose Yourself..”

After I’d recently completed my 8-day series helping get through a block and a bout of lost mojo – I didn’t want to tackle a black and white/greyscale style art journal page because I’ve done them before in the past, many times. However, I kept being drawn back to the thought of creating a page where a face appears to be coming out of the shadows and background noise.

So – as having an artistic itch is impossible to it is! Click the YouTube link below to watch my entire process from start to finish.

Click to watch my process!