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Day 5 – 7 Days of Halloween – Cabinet of Poison

In today’s 7 Days of Halloween project I’m repurposing an old set of paper drawers I’ve had gathering dust. Of course I’ll be repurposing them with some suitably appropriate Halloween style! Click below to watch how I revamped and breathed new life in these old drawers!

It’s OK to click…It’s not poisonous…honest!

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – 7 Days of Halloween – Cabinet of Poison

  1. OH WOW do I ever like that one!!!!!
    great job MIKE…
    where did you find the box with drawers?????
    Thanks again for sharing

    1. I bought the drawer unit from my local craft store…you may want to explore your local Michaels, HobbyLobby or Joannes. I haven’t forgotten the circle journals..I’ll be in touch soon! M XO

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