Ads & Sponsorships

Website Adverts

Everyone knows about the power of advertising. Products and services need to be discovered and the more places people can discover your products or services the better.

More traffic to your website or Etsy store potentially means more sales! That’s why I’ve set up a series of 4 clickable advertising spots at the top of my website sized 215×100 pixels. These spots are reserved for people like you who want to be discovered by more people.

My rates are pretty low and affordable, any money raised via the sales of these advertising spots goes straight back into the pot to pay for the running of my website and YouTube channel. My website has got to earn its keep!

YouTube Video Sponsorships

Currently, I’m releasing up to 4 videos on to my YouTube channel per week, sometimes as many as 7 for Holiday specials. I have a YouTube audience of approx 17K viewers that is growing steadily by the day! If you’d like to sponsor one or more of my YouTube videos then I’m open to discussion.

If you’d like to know more about advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact me through the “Contact Me” section of this website or send me a private message on my Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you.