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Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#4 – Listen

The prompt for week 4 over at is “Listen”. This is quite a good prompt and can be interpreted in many, many ways. For me the prompt made me think instantly of the Beatles song “Do you want to know a secret”. It’s this song that provides the quote for the page.

The full sized printable version of the prompt card & wordage can be found in the following locations: FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: WEBSITE HERE:

Week4 – Listen

The image is taken from a royalty free CD resource called the Steampunk Source Book which can be found on Amazon and other good book stores. See cover below. The CD contains many fantastic images of the vintage, Steampunk variety!

The image has been hand tinted using Artist Pitt pens which contain India ink. As always you can watch my entire process from start to finish by clicking the YouTube image below. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed creating this page.

9 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#4 – Listen

  1. Mike-I really enjoy your YouTube channel. I am new to art journaling and find your channel inspiring. I have a question-how do you keep printed images from bleeding when you adhere them to your journal pages. I have a inkjet printer and have not mastered “no bleed” for printed images.

    1. Leave them to dry for a couple of hours or gently heat set them before you use them. The other way is to grab a chap stick, put some on your finger and gently rub it over the top, this provides a barrier that should stop it from bleeding.You could also buy a small tub of Tim Holtz Micro glaze, which does the same thing! XO

      1. Thank you. You are great to watch, funny and intelligent. I just wished we lived closer so I could journal with you and your family! Have a very blessed and awesome day!!!!

  2. Fabulous video Mike, I love this page.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thanks those Steampunk images!! XO

  3. Beautiful work Mike. I’m brand new to all this- just retired & want to do something t really wanted to do! But I never seem to have all the right supplies. I’ve purchased a lot but always some different item comes up. Have a partially finished tag to my name that is slightly warped and bent. Can you suggest alternative items to use for those of us who aren’t any good at this? Do you cut your round pages ? Thanks Mike

    1. Hi Chris, yes I do cut my circle journal pages by hand, well I use a circle cutter these days! I did a video for newbies showing what basic supplies you need and suggest ways you can use what you already have at home. Here’s the link.

  4. Hi Mike – another wonderful page! I’ve come to rely on your Prompt Sheets for the Journal 52 prompts & sure appreciate your generously sharing them with your community! I didn’t see one for week 4 – did I overlook or you’ve just been swamped?? Thanks!

    1. Hi Marian,

      You’re quite correct, for some reason I had forgotten to add the image! here’s a direct link to it. Mike

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