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Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#7 – Dawn

The full sized printable version of the prompt card & wordage can be found in the following locations: FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: WEBSITE HERE:

This is my 2nd attempt at creating an art journal page for week 7 of the Journal52 prompt! The first was an unmitigated disaster and had to be exiled into the WPB file (Waste Paper Basket)!

This just goes to prove that even my mojo can go AWOL now and again! Luckily after leaving it overnight and having a good sleep on it, the next day made creating a page less of a trauma!

To watch the creation process from start to finish simply click the YouTube link below!

6 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#7 – Dawn

  1. Weird… Sorry to ask here, but I can’t get back to the winner info. Or figure out another direct way to write you a note other than social media. So how many people commented? If only 10 commented then it makes sense. But if more did and it randomly chose 1-10, that has to be some kind of odds miracle. LOL or do I not get it.

    1. The comments are still open until next Sunday at 9pm GMT. None have been chosen yet which is why the page hasn’t been completed with the winners names.

      1. Oh, lol. It was just weird because it was there and then it wasn’t. Maybe I have the site or something. Haha.
        Thanks for the quick reply. Off to find new Tim stuff at the craft store.
        Loving your videos. Jocelyn

        1. You must have found a loop hole using a tablet or smartphone as the winners page is supposed to be hidden until next Monday! Happy shopping!

  2. Hi, Mike,
    I just want to thank you for fixing the prompt. I tried to leave a message on You Tube but for some reason it wouldn’t let me :).
    Another great video, I’m so enjoying your take on the weekly prompts.
    Bejay xx

  3. I can’t draw a straight line but I love all art.

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