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Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#8 – Stillness

Week 8 over at Journal52 gives us the prompt of “Stillness”, this is a quality that is severely lacking in my life. I try to have some moments of quiet, but living with a partner and a dog means that those moments are very rare indeed!

The full sized printable version of the prompt card & wordage can be found in the following locations: FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: WEBSITE HERE:

My whole creation process can be watched from start to finish by clicking my YouTube link below! I hope you enjoy it and experience a sense of calm that I sometimes get when working in my studio! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#8 – Stillness

  1. Fantastic, Mike. Your zen garden is very tranquil indeed. I know what you mean about trying to grab some peace. My household consists of an almost 9 year old mini Schnauzer, a 7 year old Chantilly/Tiffany chocolate cat and an 8 moth old kitten, who adopted the dog the minute he set eyes on her when he was 8 weeks old. There may not be another human sharing my space but the three of my ‘babies’ run me ragged throughout the day. I cherish the moments that they’re all asleep and I can relax lol.
    Bejay xx

  2. Love this Mike, fabulous zen garden.
    Linda xxx

  3. Hi Mike! I was trying to leave a comment on your Youtube posting, but to no success. I just wanted to give you a big thanks for all the enjoyment I get from your projects and especially your newer “week that was” postings. It’s so interesting to see your workspace, neighborhood, family, etc! I am an artist in the Seattle, WA area and have been inspired not only by your projects but your continued regularity in which you share an interesting and well produced product. Thank you so very much! …Sally

    1. Thank you Sally, it’s very kind of you to say. XO

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