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Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#9 – Emerge

Journal52’s WK9 prompt of Emerge got me to thinking about how easy it is for some of us humans to forget that we deal with real people in our lives. Sometimes our work or careers take us down a path where we have to lose (or suppress) our empathy when dealing with other humans who may be going through a bad time or are in need of assistance.

I had a recent experience with a faceless corporation who have a customer service department that prefers to quote scripts and terms and conditions rather than listen to the needs of it’s customers..which is really frustrating!

To watch the creation process of my art journal page from start to finish simply click the YouTube link below. Don’t forget to hit that “thumbs up” button, it really really helps!


The full sized printable version of the prompt card & wordage can be found in the following locations: FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: WEBSITE HERE:

4 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Journal52 – WK#9 – Emerge

  1. Very original and nicely done. Good way to reduce your anger. Mine would’ve been quite nasty!

    1. Lol..we all deal in different ways, vive la difference as the French say!

  2. This is fabulous! Love it!
    Linda xxx

  3. I can see the robot saying “Exterminate”!! Lovely colours too.

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