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Art Journal Page – Old is New

I’ve played around and used famous pieces of art as inspiration before in my art journal, I’ve used the Mona Lisa, a Picasso and created pages in pointillism and cubist artistic styles and I was really in the mood to have a play and re-create this iconic image of the Chinese Girl by Vladimir Trechikoff which was painted in 1952.

A print of this painting was on the wall in one of my neighbours homes for most of my childhood in the 1970s and I always remembered it very clearly as being unusual and odd! So today I decided to have a go and use a stencil from IndigoBlu and acrylic paints to recreate this strange but compelling painting.

To watch how I created the art journal page from start to finish click the YouTube image below.

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1 thought on “Art Journal Page – Old is New

  1. WOW that looks amazing! Will check out video when I get a minute!
    Linda xxx

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