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Art Journal Page – Sacred & Immaculate

I’m not a hugely religious person. I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious, but these fantastic classic icon images of Jesus (Sacred Heart) and Mary (Immaculate Heart) really do speak to me in the way they are painted. The artistic style is glorious! I have had these two images as cut out transparent background pngs in my collection for ages and I’ve never quite known what I wanted to do with them…until today. I wanted to try and create the effect of an old plaster wall where the plaster is distressed, cracked and crumbling, then add the two images over the top and blend them in with IndigoBlu acrylic paints.

I’m happy with the way it turned out. To watch how I created the page from start to finish in real time, only the boring bits taken out. Click the YouTube link below.


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Page – Sacred & Immaculate

  1. Well done (as usual), just enough relevance and not too much. I appreciate your methodical, tidy, clean, and well thought out approach to your art (similar to my own realistic painting style I suppose). I hope you don’t receive a lot of ‘dislikes’ for your brave journal page posting. Regards, Linda

  2. Fabulous, really enjoyed the video.
    Linda xxx

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