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Cindy’s Crazy Art Challenge Hop – Coffee with Dora Maar

Today I’m taking part in a fun video hop challenge with Cindy Utter, Gina Ahrens, Shannon Green, Meridel Abrams and Aaron Blazvich. Cindy has sent each of us the same piece of art inspiration in the form of a copy of Picasso’s Portrait of Dora Maar. The instructions for the hop are easy…use it in whatever way you want to inspire a project.

I decided that I wanted to know who Dora was talking to as she lounges in her chair…of course it had to be me!

My full page process can be watched from start to finish by clicking the YouTube link below.

Don’t forget to watch the other participants videos by clicking their links in the description area below my video on YouTube. Hope you have fun and are inspired to give it a go yourself!

3 thoughts on “Cindy’s Crazy Art Challenge Hop – Coffee with Dora Maar

  1. Mike, This was great. I enjoy your art and love your sense of humor. What a creative treatment! More, more, more! Love.

    1. Thank you Sylvia, this was lots of fun to do! XO

  2. This is fabulous!
    Linda xxx

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