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Circle Art Journal Page – Move On

I’ve always been one to look forward to tomorrow rather than dwell on things that happened in the past. I’m a very different person today than I was 20, 10 or even 2 years ago. I allow my yesterdays to inform and prepare me for my tomorrows but for me the past is somewhere I prefer not to live.

In this collaged art journal page I’m exploring memory with a muted and pared down colour palette in my circular art journal.

To watch how I created my art journal page from start to finish in real time simply click the YouTube link below.

I hope you enjoy the process and will consider giving the video a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already.

4 thoughts on “Circle Art Journal Page – Move On

  1. Wow, Mike! Awesome page. Those brown lines really, really added wonderful perspective and dimension. I felt like I was looking at a photograph of my old neighborhood in the Bronx, NY in the fifties and sixties. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you liked it XO

  2. yes it is awsome

  3. WOW this turned out fabulous! I love it!
    Linda xxx

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