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Cupid Challenge with Gina Ahrens

Over the Christmas and Holiday period I reached out to my friend Gina Ahrens in the US and asked her if she’d like to collaborate on a little Valentine’s Day themed project. I’m happy to say she accepted and so today we’re revealing our Cupid Challenge. A few weeks ago I  sent Gina a little video footage and an envelope of ephemera so that she could create a Valentine themed project and she did the same for me. My art journal page above was created almost exclusively with the resources that Gina sent me, apart from paints and such.

To watch the video and resources that Gina sent me and to watch the whole process of creation of the art journal page, simply click the image below.

If you’d like to visit Gina’s Channel and watch what she did with the package that I sent to her click her image below! Enjoy!

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  1. Wonderful creation Mike………….

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