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Mini Circle Art Journal – Aint Nothin’ Shockin’ – Video Hop


Now that my 7 Days of Halloween video series is over for the year, it’s time too get back to normality…sort of.

Today I’m participating in a video hop collaboration with Aaron Blazevich and Paul Browning again, this time we’re tackling another silly taboo subject suggested by Aaron. This time, however I’m not going to be as controversial!

To watch the video process of the art journal page above simply click the YouTube link below. You can also see what Aaron & Paul have created by clicking their YouTube channel links in the description area below the video on YouTube.


As I’ve uploaded 8 videos in as many days, I’ll be taking a short break next week getting ready for the launch of the November Mission Inspiration challenge, so I’ll be back on Saturday November 5th. Until then stay safe.


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