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Mission: Inspiration 2018 Art Journal Flip Through

As the year draws to a close I thought it might be interesting (for some of you) to have a flip through of my 2018 Mission: Inspiration art journal projects for the year. Click below to watch the flip.

3 thoughts on “Mission: Inspiration 2018 Art Journal Flip Through

  1. Mike, I’ve watched every one of your YouTube videos in the last 6 months. Wish you could come the the States to run some in person tutorials!

    Can you tell me if you plan on re releasing any of your stamps. Dying to get my hands on some sold out ones. Thanks,

    1. Hi Bonnie, I’ll take a look at what’s out of stock and see if I can order some in for the new year. M XO

      1. Hi Mike,

        That would be great. I’m especially interested in the moon stencil. Thank you for your attention. Have a happy holiday.


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