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Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Clarice

Today I’ve been playing in my Dina Wakley Multi-surface Journal with a brand new stamp from which is being launched on September 21st. The stamp is “Clarice” a giant moth – think Silence of the Lambs!

I’ve also got a few new Dina Wakley Media metallic paints that I’ve been wanting to play and get messy with a for a few days.

To watch how I created the art journal page above from start to finish in real time, simply click the YouTube image below.

2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Clarice

  1. Hi Mike. I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now. I love seeing them!
    I’m confused about gesso. When it it used and when not? How do you decided?
    Thanks for any help.

    1. I suppose it depends on what type of project you want to create. Gesso helps paint to bond to your page’s surface, but also allows you to move the paint around more easily if you want a more even coverage. If I want a mottled sketchy look. I don’t use it. If I want an even look, I will use it. Gesso also comes in white, black and clear, so you have a further choice in what colour to use as well. Hope that helps. M

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