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Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Curiosity

Taking a quote from art critic John Ruskin “Necessity of restraint, remember, is just as honourable to man as the necessity of labour” I felt inspired to create an art journal page that was restrained in its application of layers and focal elements. The original idea was to create an art journal page with plenty of white space…but that went out the window almost immediately!

Click below to watch my process for creating this art journal page from start to finish in real time, just the boring drying time taken out!

More close up pics below!

3 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Journal Page – Curiosity

  1. I have been viewing your postings for some time. I enjoy your style and approach to journaling as well as your demeanor and personality. In the past upon viewing other people’s postings, I have been put-off with their “slopping on of paint, addition of multi-pieces of collage, etc.”. I always enjoy your creations, but today’s minimal result was most refreshing. Keep it up!! Regards.

    1. Thank you – Glad you enjoyed the video! Mx

  2. Love this page Mike, off to check out the video!
    Linda xxx

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