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“Negative” – Grungy Art Journal Page.

So…a new year brings thoughts of resolutions to a better healthier me for 2021 as I’ve put on far too much weight over the past year. This page is all about facing my poor self body image. Click below to watch.

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2 thoughts on ““Negative” – Grungy Art Journal Page.

  1. Heaven help us as we join the steam kitchen club, unless some tasty treats are included that are less prone to the slogan “just one more” and then I will put the lid back on the tin. During first lockdown I practiced baking, but gave some away to neighbours and others went in small portions in the freezer! At least I had to plan ahead for my afternoon tea treat as it needed to be defrosted.

  2. Aw, Mike, I know the feeling. The first lockdown last year started on my birthday so I completely wrote off the entire year and will hopefully start again this March 23rd. I managed to lose 5lbs this week so I’m hopeful I may be able to shift all the weight I put on…but never fear…you just have more for Ian to love right now. I think I may be okay with the baking unless I buy a new gas oven. I changed my old one when it almost exploded on takeoff and mistakenly bought an electric. I can get on with it so it sits there like a giant black behemoth in my kitchen. I’m thinking it just may have to be changed for a new gas one a bit later in the year so that I can enjoy trying all Ian’s recipes. xxx

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