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Playing with inclusions and Luminarte Silks

This page has a two fold purpose. Firstly I wanted to try and create a page using a tag inclusion I’d recently added into my small Dylusions creative journal.

The second aim for the page was to see what would happen when I used a water reactive pigment, in this case Luminarte Silks, and a gel medium. The question was – Do the water reactive pigments become permanent when mixed with a gel medium then dried?

Experiment commence…click below to watch (in HD) what happens in real time with only the drying time taken out!

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5 thoughts on “Playing with inclusions and Luminarte Silks

  1. Hi Mike,
    I have been watching your YouTube videos for a year or so and look forward to each one! I have been thinking about why I like them so much and it mainly comes down to you. Your calm persona and friendly demeanor are always fun to watch and, of course, learning new techniques and ideas to jump start our own ideas!

    A video from you is like a visit with a dear friend. Your funny, British terms thst I am learning, are an added bonus. Walkies with Mr. Bentley are a treat and who wouldn’t get a chuckle when Ian sticks his head in the door to bid us cheerio!

    So keep up the good work. Oh, I forgot to mention that when you make your journeys to visit your parents or running errands, I have finally gotten over my anxiety of driving on the “wrong side of the road!” I used to find myself worrying needlessly that we were going to crash! LOL

    Just FYI: I live in the US in Florida (located in the Northwestern part called the Panhandle) along the Gulf of Mexico. If you ever offer workshops in the US, please give us plenty of advance warning as we are a big country, as you know. So a trip to California, New York or even to South Florida will take planning! Thanks! Marcia G. (pronounced like Marsha)

    1. Thank you Marcia, I really appreciate your kind comments and your support with my website and YouTube channel. M XO

  2. This looks amazing and will watch the video forth with 😉
    Linda xxx

  3. Hi Mike
    I love watching your videos and about all the great products you have on the other side of the world!
    I loved the ruled masking tape. Did you make that yourself or does it come like that? If so what brand is it ?
    Thanks for your work
    Julia from Brisbane Australia

    1. It was a vintage paper measuring tape sent to me in Happy mail. XO

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