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Real Time Art Journal Page – Nice Girl From Good Home

I’ve seen a few YouTube videos featuring the use of cold coffee, tea and tea leaves. I was so interested in this strange art journaling technique, I wanted to play with them myself. So for this art journal page, I dug out some vintage pictures, mixed up the tea and coffee and left the tea bag on the side ready to use!

I have of course filmed the whole process from start to finish in real time, only the drying time cut out! To watch the video simply click the YouTube image below.


4 thoughts on “Real Time Art Journal Page – Nice Girl From Good Home

  1. Another wonderful art journal page, Mike! So visually interesting! I haven’t watched any other tutorials on YouTube with this technique, but I was using tea as a stain in my art work many years ago. I had a friend who was starting out in journalism around 1999 – she had just had her first few articles printed in the newspaper. I remember photocopying some of her stories, headlines, and her byline onto white paper, then using tea as a stain to give a vintage weathered look. I tore bits of the articles to create a collage and framed it for her. Haven’t used the technique in many years…I think it’s time to go make a cuppa! -CAL

    1. Thank Cal..If you do a search on youTube I’m sure you’ll find a few more videos.

  2. Fabulous page and really enjoyed the video too. Fabulous techniques with coffe and tea.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thanks Linda! XO

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