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Steampunk Tuesday with Ian – The Curious Cupcake Creator.

This is the epic big build of the commissioned Steampunk Curious Cupcake Creator for the Auckland Cupcake Company here in the UK. The whole machine build took approx 2 weeks, but we’ve condensed the build video footage down to 2 individual 50min segments. Both parts 1 & 2 can be found below.

Part One
Part Two

2 thoughts on “Steampunk Tuesday with Ian – The Curious Cupcake Creator.

  1. Oh Ian you have a most amazingly complicated brain, it is now 03.34 and instead of sleeping I have watched both of the videos absolutely riveting. Your attention to detail and the way you work make me so envious, in my twenties I studied car mechanics and did that until my mid 30s I am now 70 and can still relate to everything you did to make your machine transition from an idea to an actuality.
    Love, love, love this build. Hugs to all of you xxx.

  2. Ian I was totally fascinated watching this. I bet the company you made it for was over the moon with it. I know I would be. well done!!!

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