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“Murder” – Mixed Media Art Journal Page

While laying in bed one night waiting for sleep to claim me, I began thinking about crows. It’s not the sort of thing I normally think about before falling asleep, but sometimes the weirdest things pop into my head! It got me to thinking about the collective noun for crows being “a murder” and it gave me the inspiration for an art journal page.

I suppose it could be classed as halloweenish, but it could also be classed as an autumn page!

Click below to watch how I created my art journal page.

Click to watch on my YouTube channel.
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Recycle – October Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration Art Tag.

It’s that time of the month again when we start a new mid month mini mission: inspiration art challenge over on our Facebook group. This month the prompt is “Recycle”.

To watch how I created my art tag for this month’s prompts, simply click the image below.

If you’d like to join us over in our monthly art challenge Facebook group, simply click the link below and ask to join.

Click to visit our Facebook group.
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Book of Bones – Mixed Media Art Journal Cover.

Today I’m making use of a 6″x 6″ kraft journal I found in a drawer and forgotten I had. So I’m using up some more of the poly resin pieces I’ve recently cast from my new silicone moulds to decorate the front cover! To watch how I created this cover from start to finish, simply click the link below to my YouTube channel.

Click to watch on YouTube.