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Steampunk Tuesday with Ian – Flickering Mood Light

In today’s Steampunk Tuesday, Ian is showing us how to create the flickering mood light he previewed in one of our weekly vlog posts a few months ago! Now you get to see how it was created from start to finish! Click below to watch!

If you’d like to purchase either the flickering mood LEDs, faux dials/gauges or one of the completed machines, please visit Ian’s website by clicking the link below.

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Mission: Inspiration – July 2020 – “A Wreck for Coffee!”

It’s Mission: Inspiration time over in our monthly art challenge Facebook group. This month (July) the theme is “Under the Sea”. You can find July’s prompt card with the colour scheme and words for inspiration below. Please feel free you use this in your blogs, vlogs, YouTube vids, FB & Insta posts.

Click below to watch my whole page creation process from start to finish and see what I do with this month’s prompts.

Don’t forget if you’d like to join. us over in our monthly art challenge Facebook group, simply click the link below and ask to join. There’s a couple of simple questions to answer to make sure you’re not a robot, then you’re in!

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Steampunk Tuesday with Ian – Perfect Peonies Mini Journal for Victoria.

In today’s Steampunk Tuesday offering Ian does a flip through of a personalised Victorian style floral mini journal he has created for one of his steampunk friends who is celebrating a milestone birthday. Click below to watch.

If you’d like to order your own personalised mini journal for yourself or for someone special, you can click the link below to be transported to Ian’s website.