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Brusho & Gold March “Thank You” Cards

Time to make some new “Thank You” cards for March and this month I decided to use my Brusho pigment powders, some gold paint, Distress Ink and also use some of the quote blocks from my Art Journal Quote Block digi download set (click below for more info).

To watch how I created the cards from start to finish simply click the YouTube link below.

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3 thoughts on “Brusho & Gold March “Thank You” Cards

  1. For some reason with my new iPad I can’t leave comments on YouTube videos!
    I love your videos Mike. I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration you provide!

    As I used to paint only with watercolors, I have a bit of experience with watercolor papers and how contrary they can be!
    I just wanted to offer a tip…..when I am working with watercolor paper and it’s curling and making my pain/ink do things I don’t want, I dampen the back of the watercolor paper, with a brush or spritzer , give it a few minutes for the water to soak in , then turn it over and I can use wet techniques on the front.
    This also has the additional effect of making that damp back of the paper stick to my work mat, so it doesn’t move around while I am working on it. Very helpful!
    Another tip is to experiment with different spritzers and sprayers.( I have found one sold by Michaels that has the finest spray of any I have used. ) . Until,I found this spray bottle I had the frustrating problem of my water spray blasting the color off my project, or causing it to all blend into a muddy mess.
    For some projects a course spray is fine if you just want something wet, for others a very fine , delicate spray would be very useful, like this brusho project . It’s very nice to have several spray bottles in your workroom so you can use the one that’s best for whatever project you are working on. Don’t forget to check the spray bottles of some of your household cleaners. Some of them have adjustable kinds of sprays. Of course they need cleaning out throughly.

    1. Thank you for the very helpful tips for using watercolour cardstock…I’ll be sure to put it to good use! M XO

  2. Love these cards and wonderful backgrounds. Really enjoyed the video.
    Linda xxxx

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