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October Mission: Inspiration “Version 2”

Version 2 of October’s Mission: Inspiration prompts (see below)

I decided to have a go with the second set of Mission: Inspiration prompts for October, the first set being more Halloween themed. I’m saving those for a later date! The prompts I used can be found below.

Version 2

The full start to finish process video of how I created the page can be watched by clicking the YouTube link below.

Click to watch on YouTube!

If you’d like to join in the fun each month, all you have to do is click the Facebook group link below and ask to join, there are a few questions, just to make sure you’re a real person, but that’s about it! Easy!

Click to join in the fun!
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Autumn’s Gown – Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration – September 2019

I’m hoping that this art journal page sees an end to my lack of mojo and inspiration block! Maybe the damn has been broken! Sometimes it’s good to grab hold of an idea and work it through, even if it doesn’t turn out the way you think. Thankfully my art journal page did turn out almost as I imagined. The image above is the page that I created based on the prompts from the Mission: Inspiration Mid Month Mini Mission for September 2019. The song lyric prompt for September is taken from a song called “Color Song” by Maggie Rogers.

The prompt sheet can be found below and below that is the link to my YouTube video showing my complete process from start to finish, so click the link to watch how I did it!

September 2019 Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration Song Lyric Prompt.
Click to watch!