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Kiss Me…St. Valentine’s Grungy Distress Oxide Art Journal Page

Kiss me…

A quick but fun 8×8 art journal page to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day using my Distress Oxides inks to create a grungy but colourful watercolour style background. Click below to watch my full process from start to finish.

If you’d like to have a go and create something similar, the “Stupid Cupid” digi download kit can be found by clicking the image below.

Stupd Cupid” Digi Download set – click above for more info!
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Mission: Inspiration February 2019 – “Play”

Mission: Inspiration Art Journal Page – February 2019 – “Play”

It’s time for another Mission: Inspiration challenge over on our Facebook group – this month we have some fantastic colours to play with and a great selection of ingredients to throw around a page! Check out how I created my art journal page above by watching my full process start to finish video by clicking the YouTube link below!

Click to watch my YouTube video!

This is the Mission: Inspiration brief for the month of February – please feel free to use it in all your FB, blog, vlog, YouTube and Insta posts – but please remember to link back to our Facebook group!

February’s Mission: Inspiration Challenge Brief.

If you’d like to join over 3.5K artists sharing their Mission: Inspiration projects each month, simply click the link below and ask to join! If you’d like more information about our group, click the Info button in the sidebar!

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Monochrome Art Journal Page – “Try Not To Lose Yourself..”

After I’d recently completed my 8-day series helping get through a block and a bout of lost mojo – I didn’t want to tackle a black and white/greyscale style art journal page because I’ve done them before in the past, many times. However, I kept being drawn back to the thought of creating a page where a face appears to be coming out of the shadows and background noise.

So – as having an artistic itch is impossible to it is! Click the YouTube link below to watch my entire process from start to finish.

Click to watch my process!
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Abstract Art Journal Page – Note to Self.

I thought I’d tackle an abstract style art journal page after my mojo came back (sort of)! I had the idea to combine the phrase with an abstract image I’d seen recently. Obviously I didn’t want to copy exactly…rather to interpret in my own way and incorporate the phrase somewhere in there.

The idea that I had in my head wouldn’t translate from my brain to my fingers, so I had to improvise and make do. It’s not one of my better pages, the paints wouldn’t work the way I wanted and the image never really came together the way I’d have liked. Still, art is a process – the thrill is in the doing – not the end product! To watch how I put this art journal page together – click the YouTube link below.

Click to watch!