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“J” – September 2020 Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration

It’s time for another mid month mini mission: inspiration art challenge. This month the letter randomiser machine picked the letter “J”. So our good friend Linda Simpson chose the following 5 words as inspiration.

in 2020 I decided to only create mixed media art tags as my base for the mid month mini missions, so here’s video for the art tag I created using two of the words as my inspiration. Click below to watch my start to finish process video. Don’t forget, if you would like to join us in our monthly art challenges, simply click the Facebook link below the video window.

Click to watch
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August 2020 – Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration – Kaleidoscope

For this month’s Mid Month Mini Mission:Inspiration I’ve gone a bit psychedelic with this kaleidoscopic art tag…it’s a bit weird even for me! Click below to watch how I created the art tag from start to finish. There is a bit more I could do to finish the tag, such as add doodles and dividing lines, but there’s only so much you can do in a 30 minute video. The list of words starting with the random letter “K” is below.

Click to watch o n YouTube.

If you’d like to join us over in our monthly art challenge Facebook group, there’s a clickable link below.

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July 2020 – Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration – “A” for “Avian”.

It’s time for July 2020’s Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration. This month the “Randomiser” machine chose the letter “A” and as you may already have gathered from previous months projects for this years minis I’m creating a mixed media art tags and the word I’ve chosen for July from the list is “Avian”.

You can see the prompt card with the words for inspiration based on the letter “A” for July below.

To watch my full creation process from start to finish, simply click the YouTube link below.

Click to watch on YouTube.

To join us in our month art challenges over in our Facebook group, you can click the link below, but be sure to answer all the joining questions to speed up your application process.