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6″x6″ Cotton Rag Handmade Watercolour Journal

Today I have a guest with me in the studio while I create a 6″ x6″ 100% cotton rag watercolour paper handmade journal from start to finish. There’s a few bloopers & giggles along the way! Click to watch below!

Click to watch my creative process from start to finish!
For more details on the Ragtime Concertina Journal click the image above.
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Steampunk Mini Pocket Notebook Cover

Not being put off by one failure, I’m trying for the 2nd time to create some covers for a Steampunk Mini Pocket Notebook using some new 12×12 Voyage Fantastique papers from Stamperia. Click below to see the papers and how I decorated the covers. I’ve tried to find as many links on Amazon US & UK to the papers, but they’re not all available in all countries – see below.

Click above to watch!
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Mission: Inspiration 8″ Journal Cover (Part 1)

8″ Front Outside Cover

Time to put together a brand new journal for my Mission: Inspiration projects for 2019. I’m already a month behind on this project as today is the last day of January and February’s new Mission is only 2 days away! I thought it high time I got my shiz together and decorated the front cover at least! Click below to watch how I did it from start to finish!

Click above to watch.
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Floral Garden Handmade Journal Flip Through

Floral Garden Handmade Journal

Recently being inspired to get crafty and make another handmade sunflower journal, I went on to create 2 Floral Garden journals…sometimes I’m on a roll and just can’t sit still long enough to relax! Click the YouTube link below to watch the flip through of these 2 new additions or click through the gallery below! These are now available to purchase from my store on my website.

Click me to watch!