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Day 3 – 7 Days of Halloween, 2019

Today I’m sharing a hand made Halloween journal I have created with an Addams Family theme. I’ve chose the original comic strip version of the Addams family rather than any TV or film versions. This journal is not to sell, but to send to someone as a gift.

The Addams Family Journal

To watch the flip through of the journal as I talk about how I created each section and my thought process behind how it was put together, click the YouTube link below.

Click to watch the flip through!
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Handy No-Sew Bag Sized Journal

I’ve been looking around for a smallish sized journal to use for art journaling, but haven’t found anything commercially available within a tight budget, so being resourceful, I decided to create one myself without the need for any sewing or bookbinding! Click below to watch how I create my new handy no-sew bag sized journal.

Click to watch how I created this handy no-sew bag sized journal.
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6″x6″ Cotton Rag Handmade Watercolour Journal

Today I have a guest with me in the studio while I create a 6″ x6″ 100% cotton rag watercolour paper handmade journal from start to finish. There’s a few bloopers & giggles along the way! Click to watch below!

Click to watch my creative process from start to finish!
For more details on the Ragtime Concertina Journal click the image above.