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Mission: Inspiration – September – Time to Fly

Here’s my Mission: Inspiration art journal page created using the prompts for September 2018. You can see the prompt card below that I used as inspiration for this art journal page. You can watch how I created this art journal page (and what products I used) from start to finish in real time by clicking the YouTube link below.

Please feel free to download and use the prompt sheet for September in your own FB, blog, vlog, insta and YT videos.

If you haven’t already joined us in our Facebook group, then you can do so by clicking the FB image below and ask to join us. We now have over 3300 members and growing! That’s a lot of inspiration and support!

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August Mission: Inspiration Art Journal Page – King of the Art Studio

This is my delayed ( for obvious reasons) page for the August Mission: Inspiration over on our Facebook group.

The prompts this month have been set by Sam (AKA Blu) of KissMyCreative on YouTube (visit here and say Hi!) and what a great set of inspirational prompts they are. I love the colour combo and the inspirational words included. See the full set below.

Many thanks to Sam for such a fun set of prompts. If you’d like to join in with the fun each month, click the Facebook link below!

To watch how I created my art journal page from start to finish, click the YouTube link image below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more art journal and mixed media videos just like this one.

However, after sitting and looking at my page for a few minutes, I think there may be something missing…so I may make a change tomorrow…I’ll be sure to share what I change!


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Mission: Inspiration – July 2018 – Food

A new month brings a new challenge over on our Mission: Inspiration Facebook group and this month the prompts are a little bit more challenging than normal! Well, they were for me and I wrote them!

If you’d like to join with the 3000+ artists in the group, please click the link below for more information and ask to join in the fun! We’re a friendly, supportive bunch and it’s a very safe and inspiring environment to be in!

To see how I created my art journal page using this month’s prompts in real time – nothing sped up, please click the YouTube link below!

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Mission: Inspiration – June 18 – Breathe

This is my mixed media art journal page for the Mission: Inspiration Facebook challenge for the month of June.

This month the prompts have been set by my good friend Gins Ahrens (more from Gina here).

To watch how I created my mixed media art journal page based on the prompts set by Gina click the YouTube link below.

The prompt sheet set by Gina is below, click the image below to see the bigger version, then click to save in the normal way!