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June Stencil Sneak Peek & Pre-Order

Here are my stencil designs for June 2019. For those of you who watch my YouTube videos regularly will have seen me use these two stencils in a recent video! You seem to like them already, so here they are ready to pre-order!

As I’m only a struggling artist I can’t afford to purchase vast stocks of these designs, so they will be limited and sold on a first come first served basis.

Circle Squared 6×6 Stencil – Click for more info.
Split Circles 6×6 Stencil – Click for more info.

If you missed the video where I used the two stencils, you can watch it by clicking the YouTube link below! Enjoy!

Click to watch!
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“Off with their…” Art Journal Page

Continuing on with my current practice sessions on drawing faces and whimsical characters, I decided to have a bash at creating a colourful art journal page using my new “Monarch of Hearts” digi stamp and a couple of new stencil designs I haven’t put into full production yet! To watch how I created this art journal page project from start to finish, click the YouTube link below.

Click to watch!

If you’d like more information on this digi-stamp, or my other digi stamps, click the product link below!

Click for more info.
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“Anywhere” Mixed Media Art Journal Page Play

Today I’m having an intuitive play with my new Mid Mod #1 stamp set. I wanted to play with two of the stamps in particular with a warm colour palette and with some new DecoArt Americana acrylic paints I’ve recently purchased.

It turned out OK – given that there were some problems with the stamping due to the irregular surface of the paper once I’d added the background colours! Lessons learned there today – so not a day wasted!

If you’d like to watch my entire creation process from start to finish – click the YouTube link below!

Click to watch!
Click for more info on the Mid Mod 1 (or Mid Mod 2) stamp set!
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Art Journal Sketchy Figures Digi Download

Now and again you come across an art journaling staple that you don’t have or even know you needed! These sketchy style figures are just one of those must-have items for anyone who art journals. They’re so versatile and can be used in many different ways – and if you’re not very confident with your own drawing skills this new digi-download set is ideal!

Click for more info!

There are 6 sets of figures, 5 sets featuring vintage papers, adverts, maps and music (music not shown). Plus one all white template set for you to cut out and use with your own stash of underused papers! Click the image above for more info.