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July Stencil Sneak Peek!

I have two fantastic new stencil designs to add to my catalogue from the start of July! These two new all over background stencils are sure to be a favourite for card making, art journaling and scrapbook page backgrounds!.

They’re so versatile I even think you’ll be able to stretch their use well into the festive season as they’d make great Christmas and holiday backgrounds for almost any project! Use with ink, structure paste, metallic paints or even use as a template to draw inside with coloured pens!

Star Lattice 6×6 Stencil
Diamond Lattice 6×6 Stancil

Both these two new stencils will begin shipping from Monday 8th July 2019. Any pre-orders will ship out as soon as the stock arrives in, even before that date! Grab yours today!

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June Stencil Sneak Peek & Pre-Order

Here are my stencil designs for June 2019. For those of you who watch my YouTube videos regularly will have seen me use these two stencils in a recent video! You seem to like them already, so here they are ready to pre-order!

As I’m only a struggling artist I can’t afford to purchase vast stocks of these designs, so they will be limited and sold on a first come first served basis.

Circle Squared 6×6 Stencil – Click for more info.
Split Circles 6×6 Stencil – Click for more info.

If you missed the video where I used the two stencils, you can watch it by clicking the YouTube link below! Enjoy!

Click to watch!
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Lazer Cutz Restock!

I’m happy to announce that I have just restocked many of the Lazer Cut MDF shapes on my website. These have been out of stock for a little while, but the majority, plus two new designs, are now back in and available to purchase! Yay!

For more information on any of my Lazer Cutz designs, click the category button below!

Click for more info!
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New In – Folk prim hearts & stars, laser cut MDF shapes.

I’m so excited to start playing with these fantastic new laser cut MDF shapes that have just arrived in the store on my website! I have two brand new sets of shapes, Prim Folk Hearts in 6″, 5″ 4″ & 3″ sizes (one each in the set) and Prim Folk Stars in 5″,4″,3″ & 2″ sizes (one each in the set).

Click for more product info!
Click for more product info!

They’re cut from 3mm thick Medite MDF and are perfect for scrapbooks, mixed media and art journal projects. Medite is a medium density fibreboard with a low formaldehyde content and is CARB2 compliant, so they’re also Eco & wildlife friendly! Yay! Add paint, embossing powders, crackle paste, texture paste or metallic paints – the possibilities are endless! For more information, click the images above!