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Day 6 – 7 Days of Christmas 2018 – Slimline Christmas Memory Journal

In this project for Day 6 of my 7 Days of Christmas series, I wanted to make a slimline handmade Christmas themed journal to record memories and photos of our family Christmas in 2018. This is what I created.

I’ve decided to put the gallery of photos before the YouTube video this time, as I think you can better get a feel for the journal before you watch how it was put together!

I will be making another video in the coming few weeks that will have some decorating of the inside of the journal ready for our Christmas get together!

If you’d like to watch how I created this memory journal, step by step and from start to finish – click the YouTube link below.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on my 7 Days of Christmas from 2017 – you can watch them all below!

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