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Handmade Doggy-Themed Journal for Elizabeth

I was asked to create a doggy-themed journal for viewer Elizabeth in Scotland…she’s kindly allowed me to share what I created for her.

I have filmed a flip through of the journal so you can see what I included and how I made it specifically for her needs. You can see the flip through by clicking the YouTube link below or by clicking on the gallery of pics at the bottom of this post.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Doggy-Themed Journal for Elizabeth

  1. Mike, I’ve searched all over and can’t find out anything about the status of your father! I pray he is recovering, and that you and your mother are doing all right. You posted this video today about the book you made for your friend, but i couldn’t find anything at all about your dad. I don’t have a FB account, so maybe you’ve been posting updates there. In any case, just wanted you to know my thoughts are with you, as of course are many others! Also, I figure if you posted that video today, things must be better, so that was encouraging. Sincere regards to you and Ian and Mr. Bentley, as well as to your mum and dad.

  2. This looks gorgeous and I am sure the new owner will love it!
    Linda xxx

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