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Tabbed – Vintage Style Index Tabs

After recently creating an art journal page with some vintage style index tabs in my Volume of the Dolls art journal (see below)…

…many of you expressed an interest in me producing a set of blank and worded tabs as a printable digital download. Well here they are – 5 Pages of index tabs (18 per sheet), one sheet blank, one sheet totally blank with just outlines so you can print onto what ever coloured or patterned paper you wish and three pages of worded index tabs in a grungy vintage style which also include the 12 months and 7 days of the week!

Click the image below for more information or to purchase your own set! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Tabbed – Vintage Style Index Tabs

  1. Mike, I’m a regular viewer and subscriber on your YouTube channel. I am 76 years old and am having trouble because of the enormous volume of email I receive, finding vital thinks in my hotmail email account (bills, healthcare statements, mail from friends and family. I’m trying to cancel all automatic, non-essential incoming email. When I tried to cancel yours, I keep getting something from WordPress, which I don’t understand. Could you help me out. I’ll never unsubscribe from your channel, cause you help me maintain my sense of sanity, calm and beauty. Can you help? Alice from South Carolina, USA

    1. WordPress have a 2nd line authentication for cancelling blog post feeds, they’re asking you to confirm you wish to cancel your subscription to my blog. That’s all. It’s all part of the new Data Protection rules imposed by the European Government. By cancelling or confirming you want to cancel – you’ll no longer get emails from me when I add a new post on my website and blog.

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