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Slight Change of Plans…

Dad’s health has taken a slight down turn over the past few days and I’ve decided to spend a few days over at Mum & Dad’s house to give them some physical and mental support and assistance while Dad recovers. This means I won’t have many resources or products to film any art journal pages or projects while I’m there. So I won’t be able to share my September Mid Month Mini Art Tag until later next week. But in the meantime…here is September’s Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration prompt card.

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18 thoughts on “Slight Change of Plans…

  1. Much love you and your dad. Missions aren’t nearly as important as those we love. Take care of yourself too.

  2. So sorry to know your Dad is struggling and I hope things improve soon as the antibiotics get to work. You definitely need all your energy for helping your Mum and Dad but I know from experience that having an hour’s creative respite is therapeutic so take good care of yourself, too. Don’t give your YouTube videos another thought – I’m sure everyone will understand where your priorities lie. Blessings to you all.

  3. Praying for your dad Mike! Hope he gets well soon by the grace of God.

  4. It is wonderful that you can go and support your parents. I will say a prayer for you all.

  5. Mike sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he is feeling better soon.

  6. Mike sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he is feeling better soon.

  7. How wonderful that you are now near enough to give them the support they need. They feel part of our family too. Sending them love and hugs. You being there will give them the boost they need to keep going. All love to Ian and Mr Bentley too. We are going nowhere , but appreciate you spending time keeping us informed. Thank you.

  8. Sending healing energy his way and praying every night that he will make a speedy recovery.

  9. Oh Mike, I do hope that thing take a turn up in the next few days and that your Dad feels better soon. Sending love to your folks up from Cornwall xx

  10. Sending prayers and love your way

  11. So sorry abt your dad… He’s a strong and determined man!!! Am praying he’ll be on the upswing soon!! Am so happy you are able to be close enough to be able to “run” home if you needed something… Maybe a visit from Mr B. would boost everyone s spirit!!! Am sending love, hugs and healing to Mum, Dad you and of course Ian and Mr B…

  12. Mike, I’m so sorry. Prayers going up for all of you, but especially for your Dad and hopefully a speedy recovery. I think its great that you’re going to be there with your Mum and Dad… they need you. As the saying goes… when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So do whatever you need to do.
    Don’t even worry about the videos or anything else buy your family… that’s more important that anything. The viewers that care know what matters and we stand behind whatever you need to do.
    friendly Hugs and Best Wishes

  13. Mike everyone understands your priorities, we will be here when you have the time. Sending more get well wishes to your Dad. Hugs to you all

  14. Sorry to hear about your Dad, keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope he feels better soon.

  15. A quick note to send your Dad, you and family Get Well wishes. Thoughts and Prayers are with you all.

  16. Sending prayers for your Dad and you all.

  17. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Dad. I know they are proud to have a supportive family. Praying for you all.

  18. Thinking of you all and sending huge, healing thoughts for your dad and encouragement for your mother and you.

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