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January’s Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration Art Tag

It’s time to start our Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration journey for 2022. This year we’re randomly picking letters from the alphabet. January’s random letter was “G”. The five words for inspiration can be seen in the graphic below.

Feel free to use this graphic in your own blog, vlog, insta & YouTube posts.

Once again, this year I’ll be creating art tags as my projects for the mid month mini missions. You can watch my full start to finish process for January by clicking the YouTube link below.

Click to watch on my YouTube channel.

If you’d like to join us over in our Facebook art challenge group, simply click the link below.

You’ll be able to tell from the close up images below, that after I finished filming my project I decided to add some mushroom like spots onto my gnomes hat!

2 thoughts on “January’s Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration Art Tag

  1. Mike . . . you have plans to re-stock your Art Journal Tag Kits?

    1. Coming Soon!

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