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Mission: Inspiration 8″ Journal Cover (Part 1)

8″ Front Outside Cover

Time to put together a brand new journal for my Mission: Inspiration projects for 2019. I’m already a month behind on this project as today is the last day of January and February’s new Mission is only 2 days away! I thought it high time I got my shiz together and decorated the front cover at least! Click below to watch how I did it from start to finish!

Click above to watch.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Inspiration 8″ Journal Cover (Part 1)

  1. Mike, I am addicted to your You Tube tutorials and vlogs–though I only recently discovered you, about a week ago. Your lessons are generous and detailed and expertly made, and I love your art!

    Thank you for all your inspiration!

    When flipping through a journal one of your YouTube lessons, there was a man, a sailor, I believe, on a blue background. Can you tell me where that lesson is? And do you sell that image?

    1. The image was a magazine print of a David Hockney painting called “Matelot Kevin Druez 2”. The video of the art journal page was from March 2016, you can find it here. I can’t sell a copy of the image as it’s still copyright bound by the artist. Mx

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