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Quarantine Quickie No#17

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  1. Hello from Hamilton, a city in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. I wanted to encourage you, & Ian, in your efforts to keep us & yourselves occupied whilst undergoing the “isolation “. All the videos past & present are a real pleasure & I’ve been working my way through the new little challenges as they come in , love them & I get to rummage through all the folders filled with cut-outs etc gleaned over many years. The added bonus is of course finding a long-lost picture that’s perfect for yet another glue book etc. etc. Being shut in doesn’t hold any terrors for us , as my husband can at last catch up on all those gardening, inside painting jobs & I get to watch you driving about your streets with pleasure. Yes, my husband gets to view the goods too & admires Ian’s creations greatly. I’ve always loved steampunk & perhaps you already k now there’s two big towns here, 1 in the South Island & the other at Thames, north of here where they have a thriving steampunk community & often hold a week – long happening & the whole town dresses up & all the shops are decorated. We went over to Thames last November & because it is an old gold-mining town there is always loads of tourists about & it was priceless just watching the reaction when some poor Asian man would be grabbed up by a blousy, chorus girl for a dance down the street. Hopefully someday soon Thames will be able to gather up the pieces & start again; without the tourists it may take awhile. We are in our 80’s so have actually already done more than 4 weeks as over 70’s went into isolation before the official level 4 came in. It looks like we will stay at 4 for at least 6 weeks & then certain areas may go to 3 to let some industries start up again. The main problem in N.Z. is about a dozen clusters through the country are still producing new patients while big areas have little or no cases. So as we go into Autumn & the temperatures are dropping you can look forward to Spring & see those lovely daffodils cheering you all on. With many grateful thanks, Leone & Clayton Putt.

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