Mission:Inspiration Art Challenge

The Mission: Inspiration art challenge was originally created as a fun way to collaborate with some of my YouTube friends. After the first half dozen collaborations, I received many comments asking whether I was going to open the challenges up to everyone. It was such a good idea to let everyone in on the fun that the Mission: Inspiration Facebook group was born!

In early 2019 we welcomed our 3600th member and we’re still growing daily!

Every 1st Saturday of the month a new Mission is released, with the addition of mid-month mini missions being added recently.

The Missions consist of a monthly Mission introduction video from me, the Mission Controller (Code Name “M”), or a Guest Mission Controller and a graphic which can be used freely in blog posts, social media and YouTube videos, but can also be downloaded and printed as a reference to keep.

You can click the link below to visit our Mission: Inspiration Facebook group.