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Mixed Media 6×6 Canvas – Pray

This project was created using a 6×6 deep edged gallery wrap canvas, my new Steampunk Heart stencil and a couple of sets of my Lazer Cutz. The Steampunk Cogs & Gears and the new Regals set. Links to these products in my store can be found below. You can watch the whole creation process of the canvas from start to finish by clicking the YouTube link below.

If you’d like more information about the stencil or Lazer Cutz used in this canvas you can click the links below.

Regal Lazer Cutz:
Steampunk Heart Stencil:
Steampunk Cogs & Gears Lazer Cutz:

3 thoughts on “Mixed Media 6×6 Canvas – Pray

  1. I absolutely LOVE this canvas! The colours and embellishments are fabulous!
    Linda xxx

  2. Very cool. But quite hysterical on my end. I’m watching it with my 8 year old grandson, Conner. When you were gessoing the cherub, before you painted the bottom tip, he started chanting paint the bottom. When you did, I commented, “Oh look, he heard you.” To which he responded, “Or maybe he’s just smart like me.” While you were applying the gold after a couple minutes, he throws his head back and says, “Man Nana, this is like watching paint dry.” He had plenty of comments but he really liked the project and how it looked. He doesn’t usually have the patience to sit and watch DIY videos, so you captivated him.

    1. He recognised a kindred spirit, you should give him a paint brush and get him started early!

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