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Mixed Media Art Canvas – Learning How to Fly

For this 8×8 flat panel canvas I had the idea to use a feather shape as the main focal point, I also wanted to add some rust and patina to the piece to make it look almost mechanical. It does have a little steampunk aesthetic, but not too much. The feather is cut from grey grunge board, as are some of the cogs and gears, the rest are found items, beads and MDF shapes. The main ingredient however is the corrugated cardboard pieces that make up the base structure. To watch the creation process from start to finish click the YouTube link below.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Canvas – Learning How to Fly

  1. Really enjoyed this process. The use of the bits and pieces really adds to the look love it.

  2. yes so interesting
    i love making these kinds of set ups
    great creation

  3. Love this piece. I love the way you use ordinary cardboard and transform it into the perfect base for all your elements especially a feather. Beautiful, beautiful. Love

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