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Mixed Media Canvas – Creative Courage

This mixed media canvas was an experiment in colour layering. I recently created another canvas where I layered the rust colour first then added the patina over the top. This canvas was done in reverse with the patina first then the rust colour added by dry brushing over the top. I think this way around is much better and more authentic to how rust and patina would be on a real metal object!

To watch how the canvas was created from start to finish click the YouTube image below. It is a long video so make sure you have some snacks and a drink to hand! Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed Media Canvas – Creative Courage

  1. i love patina and this canvas is so pretty
    margie D

  2. Oh, Mike… You never cease
    to amaze me. This piece is wonderful. You have such a talent for getting just the right feeling out of all your work. Whether you “rust” before or after, it always turns out beautifully. Love.

  3. Fabulous canvas Mike, really enjoyed the video.
    Linda xxx

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