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Tell the Story 5″x7″ Mixed Media Art Canvas

This is a mixed media canvas I started months ago. I put it to one side to let the gloss gel medium on the paintbrush end to dry and forgot about it. I rediscovered it again when I started to do a bit of a tidy session in my art room and decided I’d finally finish it off. The original film of gluing and sticking all the bits together on the canvas is lost (sorry) I must have deleted them thinking I would no longer need them. However, I have filmed the whole process of finishing off the canvas and I also filmed it it in real time, only the boring drying time edited out! To watch the process click the YouTube link below.

This canvas is for sale on my website, click—> [HERE] to view the purchase information.

There is only the one, it is unique and one of a kind, so it’s first come first served!

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  1. Stunnng!
    Linda xx

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