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WW2 Evacuee’s Suitcase Wizarding Restoration

Today I have a little bit of a different project I want to complete in this video!

I’m restoring and repurposing an old children’s WW2 evacuee suitcase with a little magic school twist! I’ve had this little suitcase for almost 3 years and thought it was about time I did what I bought it originally. Click below to watch from start to finish!

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Steampunk Tuesday with Ian – “Flight of Fancy” Mixed Media Steampunk Photo Frame.

In this week’s Steampunk Tuesday project with Ian, he’s creating a fantastic steampunk themed photo frame using a silicone mould and some Fimo polymer clay, plus MDF laser cuts, with card die cuts. Of course he’s going to put a metallic coppery steampunk feel to everything. Check out the full start to finish process video below.

Click to watch.

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“J” – September 2020 Mid Month Mini Mission: Inspiration

It’s time for another mid month mini mission: inspiration art challenge. This month the letter randomiser machine picked the letter “J”. So our good friend Linda Simpson chose the following 5 words as inspiration.

in 2020 I decided to only create mixed media art tags as my base for the mid month mini missions, so here’s video for the art tag I created using two of the words as my inspiration. Click below to watch my start to finish process video. Don’t forget, if you would like to join us in our monthly art challenges, simply click the Facebook link below the video window.

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