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Stress Busting Art Journal Page – “Scream”

As moving day draws ever closer – the stress and strains of getting ready to “up sticks and move” are starting to take their toll. So, what better way of trying to blow off some steam and relieve some of that stress than letting go in an art journal page project based on Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.

The overall page took me about 2 hours – with a couple of 5-minute breaks to put the kettle on of course, but I managed to whittle the YouTube video down to just under one hour. If you would like to watch how I created this art journal page! Click below.

Click to watch!
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More Whimsical Face Practice – Scribble Sticks & Neocolor IIs

Another whimsical face drawing practice session, this time in a Dina Wakley bold & loose scribble style‚Ķnot much to say about this one as it’s a practice piece and not to be taken too seriously! For this free form page, I used Dina Wakley scribble sticks and some Neocolor II water soluble crayons.

To watch & listen to my thought process whilst creating this art journal page, click the YouTube link below.

Click to watch.
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June Stencil Sneak Peek & Pre-Order

Here are my stencil designs for June 2019. For those of you who watch my YouTube videos regularly will have seen me use these two stencils in a recent video! You seem to like them already, so here they are ready to pre-order!

As I’m only a struggling artist I can’t afford to purchase vast stocks of these designs, so they will be limited and sold on a first come first served basis.

Circle Squared 6×6 Stencil – Click for more info.
Split Circles 6×6 Stencil – Click for more info.

If you missed the video where I used the two stencils, you can watch it by clicking the YouTube link below! Enjoy!

Click to watch!