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The Mid Mods are In!

I’m back home after a very busy day at the TV station. It was lots of fun, nerve-wracking and very hard on the feet!

Thanks to everyone that watched our two shows, thanks to everyone who bought!! Thanks to everyone who emailed in and thanks to everyone at HOCHANDA for making me feel part of the gang! And a final huge thanks to Kay Halliwell-Sutton & Alfie Halliwell-Sutton at IndigoBlu.

I have already added the 2 new stamp sets and 2 stencil designs to my website, so if you missed out on buying them during the show you’ll have plenty of chance to get them now! I will also be restocking all my other IndigoBlu stamp designs in the next few days also.

Hope everyone has a marvellous (and restfull) weekend.

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4 thoughts on “The Mid Mods are In!

  1. Congrats, Mike! You are a superstar! And I love the retro stamp sets. Did you say there was a way for those of us in the US to watch a replay of the show somehow? Website or TV station on demand? Would love to see your segment! Thx, CAL

    1. I found the video of the show! What fun – you did a great job!!

  2. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to watch, but was/am very excited for you. You look great in the picture with a wonderful smile. Congratulations again.

  3. Have just watched the shows, having recorded them yesterday. Great performance!! It looked like you’d been doing live TV for years – you looked very relaxed even though I’m sure you weren’t.

    Love the stamps and stencils too.

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