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Alpha, Number & Symbol Flash Card Digi Kits

I’ve been wanting to create a couple of Alpha, Number & Symbol flash card kits for a while. I finally managed to find the time to sit and create two sets, one with all 26 letters of the alphabet plus the ampersand and the second set with all the cardinal numbers and symbols I could find on my keyboard! Plus one blank flash card so you can add your own emoji!

Click for more information.
Click for more information.

I’ve included in the download a common back for the cards, but you could use whatever pattern digi papers you have or even print them on to coloured paper! If printed at 100% they should be ATC sized, but you can reduce or enlarge when printing to suit. I’ve printed two sets for myself, one at full size and another at 50% which makes them really cute and dinky!

Hope you have fun with these!

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