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Art Journal Books to Kick Start your Creativity

Here’s a couple of book lists I’ve put together for those of you wanting to explore or get some reading material on Art Journaling & Mixed Media Techniques. There are two lists both linked to Amazon one US and one UK (Euro Zone).

Amazon UK List List

These are Amazon affiliate linked so any purchases made using these links may result in a small (very small) commission for me which goes towards funding my website & YouTube channel.

3 thoughts on “Art Journal Books to Kick Start your Creativity

  1. Thank you for these.
    Hoppy Eggster to you two and Mr Bentley.

  2. Thanks for the list, Mike. I need all the help and inspiration I can get lol

  3. Thanks for that list Mike….have one book alreaydy….:) so a lot to put on my wishlist…:) i buy them at Book depository because then its free shipping to The Netherlands…xo…

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