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Journal52 ATC Images and Prompts

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently been requested by Effy Wild, the owner of Journal52 not to share the image cards and prompt texts any longer. 

She has said that she would prefer it if people went to the original source for the images and text i.e. her Facebook group & website. Which is understandable as the copyright does belong to her and she has put in the very hard work of creating them for us in the first place.

I’ve included links to her Facebook group and website where the images and texts are freely available for personal use.


You can also find these links under each of my Journal52 inspired blog posts & YouTube videos.

I’m sure you’ll understand her reasons why I can no longer share the graphics and prompts on my blog posts, website and YouTube videos. I will still be creating art journal page YouTube videos inspired by Effy’s ATCs and prompts, however, my videos and blog posts will now have to be done in a slightly different format without displaying the ATC image or reading the prompt texts out loud. I’m sure I’ll find a way to make them as informative as I can.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of Week15!

13 thoughts on “Journal52 ATC Images and Prompts

  1. Oh dear, I really liked the way you did it Mike, easy to print and keep!! But fully understand….

    1. I know Pat, I’m just as disappointed.

  2. I’m sure many, many people are disappointed but kudos to you for your respect for the efforts and work of other artists. You are a gem of the YouTube nation!

  3. Oh well…..agree with Pat…you cant win them all….but your video’s will still be very insteresting i am sure!!..xo

  4. Totally understand, however, I will miss your certain insights that come along with your readings.
    Thank you for all the inspiration you so generously share with us all.

  5. I am saddened to hear this since we all use other artists art as inspiration and make it our own. Now I have to figure out how to put them in the formate you did mike, wish me luck lol

  6. Oh dear. Never mind Mike I can understand her feeling this way. It won’t stop me enjoying everything else you share

  7. I would not have found Journal 52 at all if not for your pages. I was encouraged to try based on your work and your interpretation of the prompts.

    Kudos to you though, for your integrity and honesty.

  8. Well that’s disappointing, but understandable. I’m sure though we’ll get the idea from the projects you create.

  9. We will still enjoy your videos no matter what. Fully understand, and hope to see more of your playing card ATCs as I have just bought a set of cards from our local charity shop!

  10. I agree with all the comments above Mike… but Effy should have wrote you a personal message first before putting that bad comment on your You tube channel….that was not very nice among artists….

  11. I found her channel because of your videos. I became a Sarah Trumpp fan because of your videos. I admire their work but I’ve learned so much about product use and technique from you. I understand the issue (I think), but I hope you continue doing your wonder videos. Your visions and executions are important to me.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I have no plans to stop making videos. XO

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