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Please help your fellow arts & crafts creators.

Please watch this announcement regarding the recent changes YouTube are making that affect smaller and new start up arts & crafts channels. Thank you.

The List:

Allyn Art Studio

Michelle M at LadyBlue Studios

Lisa’s Colorful Journey

The Paper Addict

Linda Simpson

Corrina Peckford

LolaDevine Co

G Broady


Monique Van dijk

Studio Pashnada

Karen Rankin

Mama D Paints

Angela Green, Painting w/ Fibromyalgia

Puchy Tats

Abstract Possibilities

Lisa Swank- Artful Inspirations

Petras Place


Onemotherandonedaughter Therese

Leslie Clare Jones Creative Pzazz

Alexis and Melinda Art Space

Sheri L

Corinna Peckford

Weditt’s Playthings


Aristi Moorjackie

Hanny Tromp

Anthony Gray


The Art of Joseph Finchhum


Cindy Porter-A Scrappe Tiger

Lizzy Wurrman

TheJunking DataGirl

ArtfullYours with Diana

Your trash my treasure

Bea Grob

Valerie Bisson

RoisinRose Art

Art By Ester A

Lucia McGill–5dNvsy3GsklyNUv4Yl2Q

Laura Johnson – Britta Smith Toftebjerg

Magz Lockley

Fitty and Roo

ZeeCee Creations

Aussie Scrapper

Elemental Designs

Dee Smith’s Crafty Life


Hattie’s Attic

17 thoughts on “Please help your fellow arts & crafts creators.

  1. Will be subscribing to as many of them as I can today. My channel is Richard Vernadeau if you would take the time to subscribe to me that would be great

  2. Just had a bad experience in which I subscribed to one of the YouTubers you suggested needed our help against the new demonetization and got a snappy response back from them that they don’t do sub for subs. You may want to let some of these folks know you are trying to help them out

    1. Hi Rich,
      Please don ‘t stress over the ones that do not have a clue about what we are all trying to cheap in for.

    2. oh no which one? don’t need drama today for just trying to help?

  3. You are a star! Thank you xxx

  4. You are true gentleman in every sense of the word Mr Deakin. I so enjoy your videos having found you almost a month or so ago. I can’t remember how I found you, but I am grateful every day that I did. And, you doing something such as this just goes to show what a truly giving person you are. If I may add my name to your list, I would appreciate it. If you feel you need to delete it, no hard feelings. I will continue to look forward to seeing you, Ian, and the every so charming Mr Bentley each week.

  5. Oh, Mike. Not only do you encourage the artistic endeavors of others, but you are truly a man to inspire others to care enough to speak out against unfair treatment of fledgling YouTubers. I applaud you. I admire you. I thank you. You are an inspiration in so many ways. Love and hugs.

  6. Thank you for the heads up on you tube rule change. It is kind and generous of you to assist smaller channels. Everyone starts somewhere and needs a hands up. This also gives me a chance to see other channels I did not know about. I enjoy the glimpses of your life in England. Best wishes for your mums back pain.

  7. Dear Mike. Thought it was a wonderful idea to help them but also to introduce us to new artists. I have looked through half of the list up to now but I found the music that is used, are rather depressing. Therefore I stopped watching. After a while, I got irritable. Once I feel better, I will resume watching and try to do my bit to help.

  8. Thank you Mike for true concern for the small channels! Not often do you see someone reaching out to spread the word about a topic that doesn’t directly affect them. And then you took it a step further to help others! Commendable to say the least! Your kind nature is inspiring and uplifting! I have a small channel that I created 3 1/2 months ago and am not close to being able to monetize yet but am striving for it. I will greatly appreciate any watch time and/new subscribers that you could assist with. Now I’m off to work my way down your list.

    1. Christine, if you would list your youtube channel here, I would love to check it out and subscribe 🙂

  9. After watching the whole video of you supporting all of us, I must say you are a GREAT human being, sensitive and a beautiful soul. Not everyone would do something like you’re doing for others so THANK YOU is all I can say (well, besides that I love your art!). As a Spanish speaker I can’t express what I really want to but I think you will understand what I mean.

  10. Thank you for doing this. Please add my channel. I’m a collage and mixed media artist with a emphasis on gelli Printing and pattern. My channel is

  11. I just want to echo what the others have already so beautifully said. What you are doing to try to help the smaller channels restores my faith in humanity. I’ve just completed your list and will continue to be on the lookout for others to support. Blessings to you and Ian and Mr. Bentley!

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