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Does anyone actually read my blog posts? I know I get a lot of views from visitors to my online store, but does anyone actually read my blog posts or do you all prefer to watch my videos on YouTube?

If you do read my blog regularly, please do comment below so I know I’m not wasting my time and howling into the void. Writing up blog posts for my journal videos does take the bulk of the time.. so it would be good to know. Thank you!!

36 thoughts on “Question?

  1. Yes I do, but also watch your videos more

  2. I honestly did not know of blog posts, I only knew of the videos.

  3. I enjoy everything you do Mike. Keep it up.

  4. Hi Mike
    Sorry to say I’m not a Blog but a Vlog!!! and am an avid watcher of all your You Tube posts.
    With thanks for all the work you put in for all of us.
    Have a great evening U3

    1. I primarily watch your videos but only because I thought the blog was a recap of whatever you made in the vid.

  5. I don’t always read the blog posts. Love and watch videos. Do what will make your life easier. These crazy times have gotten most of us to reevaluate our tasks/chores.
    Love to you. Gracie Norton

  6. Hi Mike ….. in response to your question – I’m not a social meeja person except for all your postings on YouTube. I never miss one and really enjoy them. I do not read your Blog.

    I hope that your dad is much better and that the family is coping well – I will find out tomorrow evening on your Vlog.

    Best to Ian, Mr B, your mom and, of course your dad.

    Linda and Grace

  7. I really enjoy everything you publish: blog, vlog, YouTube and Mission Inspiration. Please keep on. I may not be there every day but enjoy catching up. Thanks so much for all you do. You are so talented and I appreciate you sharing with us. Also the steampunk adds another dimension. Thanks guys

  8. Completely understand why you ask this, Mike. Personally I admit I don’t read your blog, I enjoy your videos so much and appreciate the time and care you invest in making them. I guess to repeat it in your blog is a bit unnecessary. Perhaps, if you decide to continue for those who may read I, you could just put in your video link and a couple of introductory comments. I’m sure you don’t need advice, thems just me thorts!. Thank you for your many demos and vlogs – which I’m sure take a fair chunk of your time, too. Kind regards, Margaret

  9. Hi Mike!
    I like the videos best. I enjoy your channel and your work very much!

  10. I’m not a tech-person, but I think I watch your comments and videos – both on your Blog and I watch all your videos on YouTube. I’m an Angel (although I’ve had problems with PayPal for a while) and I’m on your Facebook group.
    Hope that answers what you needed to know. Thanks Mike. =:o)

  11. I read the Blog and watch the videos.

  12. Sorry Mike, always check the Vlog, my mail and videos.

  13. I enjoy the blogs but prefer the YouTube videos. xo

  14. I guess I didn’t know there was a read only version. I enjoy the videos. It’s something I can listen to while doing other things.

  15. I do both…read your blog and watch your videos.

  16. Hi Mike,
    I do not follow Blogs, Instagram, Twitter or anything beyond the YouTube channels I specifically subscribe to. It all takes too much time away from other things I should be doing…like my own art projects! Keep up the vids, they are always worth watching!

  17. Yes I have received this email from you for many years and love the blog and the whole format of that plus I”ve used all the challenges and You Tube videos . As we have been strictly locked down for weeks at a time (we’re in another bout now) here in New Zealand the programmes Ian and yourself put out are very welcome. Some personal background so you can “see” one of your friends……
    female aged 84, have always been crafty with fabric and paper; dolls, patchwork, embroidery, cards, altered books and using your challenges several books completed. The same supportive husband for 62 years plus family growing up scattered around the country. We live in the city of Hamilton, North Island.

  18. I am guilty of forgetting about your blog since you have been posting vlogs. I must admit that I respond to the links that come via email which signpost me to you tube. Others that I subscribe to let me know if they have added to their blog and this enables me to go straight to their link. Have I missed you doing something similar? As others have said I enjoy your vlogs very much, especially if you have interspersed “mundane life” with information about your you tube work. Thanks for everything you do.

  19. Yes I do! It is the only way that I can link to the YouTube videos. And before I get there I check out the store.

  20. Hi Mike, I look at both your blog posts and watch your video’s and your weekly vlog. I really enjoy them all. Many thanks.

  21. I only watch the videos and I love them…..I feel like you and I are visiting.

  22. Hi Mike. I don’t watch all your “vlogs” but sometimes do either via your link from the email or direct from You Tube. They can be very entertaining at times. It is interesting to see and hear what goes on in your life. The only reason I don’t watch all of them is time….. something we are all short of. Please do what you feel best. I have saved all the ones I haven’t watched or listened to for later and I need to catch up. take care and please say a doggy hello to Mr Bentley (from our doggy, Roger). I also am an “angel” of yours but have had so many problems with PayPal UK that I no longer do this but use PayPal Espania instead. Best wishes to you all……

  23. Hi Mike, I don’t read your blog I am a visual learner and love your videos, I realise that we are all different and find blogs are not my thing. Love you Ian and Mr B.

  24. Morning Mike, I have to admit tht I’m more a vlog person than a blog reader. I do occasionally have a read but I hang my head in shame admitting that I miss more than I actually catch. I’ll try to do better though as I hate to think that you believe you’re wasting your precious time. Love to your dad. My mum had a few TIA’s so I know what you’re all going through right now. Sadly she never got the sight back in one of her eyes but it was great fun to creep up on her from that side. Virtual hugs to all of you and my fur baby barks hello to Mr. B xx

  25. Hi, I actually like both blog and videos, but, know this must take ages of your time to do, and u are generous enough with your time to give us all the free content that you do. Time is very prescious, so spend it doing and being with who you love, and if that means stopping the blog then go for it. We will all still be here following you on whatever platform you choose. Thanks for all your fab creative shares. K xx

  26. I didn’t realise there were blog posts but I eagerly await the weekly vlog. I love the videos.

  27. I do and really enjoy them. I never comment. Just me.

  28. I did not know about the blog. I really enjoy the videos!

  29. I watch all your videos. I have learnt such a lot watching you create your beautiful art work. Your generosity in sharing your week with everyone incredible. Love all the chat it makes my week. Do not underestimate how much you’ve helped people during the long lockdown especially those of us that are clinically vunerable. Don’t stop now !!!! Our very best wishes to your mum and speedy recovery to your to Ian and Mr Bentley too.

  30. Hi Mike i do read your blog and I follow your YouTube channel closely. I’m not a Facebook member so I follow along and create with inspiration from the videos. Thanks and keep it up!

  31. Another vote for those who access your YouTube videos via your email notifications.
    Most of the time I read the blog before clicking on the YouTube posting. I also have used your blog to search for a specific art item you have demonstrated in the past. It’s been easier to find that way than to search through all the YouTube videos.

  32. Hi Mike, I love everything you do and appreciate the time you give. I haven’t commented in a long while, and I will try to.

  33. Morning Mike,
    Apologies for not replying earlier but I’ve had a crazy busy week so far, but day off today!!!! Yay!
    Anyway in reply to your question, yes I read your blog and watch your YouTube vlog as well, both are fab 🙂 sorry I don’t always comment but I look after my mum and work almost full time and trying to find the hours in the day is sometimes impossible, but I do always click the like button. 🙂
    Hope your Dad is getting better.
    Take care.
    Warmest wishes to you, Ian, Mr. Bentley and of course your Mum and Dad.

  34. Video 🙂
    Following you from Indiana, USA.

  35. Always enjoy updates from you, no matter the venue

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