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We’ve been burgled…

Yesterday, while I was on my way to Mum & Dad’s and Ian was walking Mr Bentley – some thieves broke into the house and ransacked the place, taking both my & Ian’s iMacs, Ian’s iPad and phone and Ian’s cash takings from his last Steampunk show in Whitby. To say we’re upset is a little understatement – however, we won’t let the b**tards get us down and thankfully it was just “stuff” that was taken. Luckily I’d taken my old iPad to Mums with me so we are still able to connect with Facebook and our other social media – even though it’s going to be difficult to film and edit any videos for a few days until we’re sorted with the insurance claim etc.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mike & Ian & Mr Bentley

37 thoughts on “We’ve been burgled…

  1. All sympathies to you all

    1. Thanks Babs XO

  2. Words cannot even start to express how awful that must have been for you. I really hope that they get caught and jailed!
    Even though you say that its only stuff its stuff that you both worked really hard to earn the money to buy and to have some scabby Bastards come and think it was perfectly ok to take it all from you just makes my blood boil.
    Hope you,Ian and Mr.Bentley are doing ok.
    Take care.
    Demi. x

    1. Thanks Demi XO

    2. So sorry to hear this, Mike. Just glad to hear you, Ian, and Mr. B are OK. Hope everything gets sorted quickly and easily.

  3. My heart goes out to you both! It is such an invasion of one’s privacy. I would never have expected such a horrible thing to happen in the UK. (I am living in South Africa for last 30+ years– crime is plentiful here, unfortunately). I am thankful neither yourselves or Mr. Bentley were at home when it was invaded. Yes, it was just “stuff” but we work long and hard to acquire the stuff one needs and requires in life, so may the fleas of a million camels give the filthy thieves tons and tons of nasty bites!! Strength to you both!!!!

    1. Thank you Sandy I needed a little smile this morning! XO

  4. Oh Mike! What a violation of your personal home/sanctuary! I’m so sorry that you and your family have to deal with this. Sending you all lots of love and best wishes for a speedy resolution to your insurance claim. I hope you are both up and running again as soon as possible. Grateful none of you were in the house when it happened. -CAL

  5. Oh good grief! How awful. When my husband lived with his Mum, they were burgled – twice, while they were asleep upstairs. I’ve been lucky, it’s never happened to me; I can’t imagine the sense of outrage at someone ransacking through my things. I should want to beat them about the head with a wet flannel and then run over their toes with my wheelchair so they had to limp for a while!

  6. Horrible thing to happen. Thank goodness you are all ok though, that’s the main thing. I truly hope that karma gives them everything they deserve and more. You all take care big care and virtual hugs xx

  7. Shocking. Like Sandy, I’m in South Africa so we have sadly become so blase about this, comforting each other with “at least you weren’t hurt’, but that is OUR reaction and it shouldn’t be. We often think we are the only one’s on the planet subject to crime whereas in reality the whole planet suffers the results of seriously anti social behaviour. I do believe that karma is a b1tch and that the spoils of their efforts will NOT bring them any good energy. Please get back into the saddle so to speak, as all your fans love what you do and we hope your lives are restored quickly, adequately and with interest, soonest.
    Much love,


  8. Hi Mike and Ian what a shock you must have got when you got home. Having someone invade your home is quite traumatic. I hope your insurance company are helpful and make it a stress free experience. . A big hug for Mr Bentley. CXX

  9. How awful to have your home violated. I believe in Karma and hope that something awful happens to these scum that did this. Glad you three are alright. You can replace things but not people. Keep smiling, we are all here for you.

  10. Hi Mike,
    Thinking of you both. As has already been said, it’s not just ‘stuff as these days we have everything on our gadgets like photos, personal info etc. Worst of all they have invaded your home, your safe place and that’s unforgivable in my view.

    It still amazes me how people like that think its okay to steal from others who have worked hard for what they have and what’s even more shocking is they are proud of it.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

    Debby x

  11. Very sorry to hear that. We’ve been burgled twice (while we’ve been in the house) and I lost my mother’s engagement ring. It’s a horrible feeling.

    I hope that they catch whoever did it – the Police usually know who it is but proving it is another matter.

    Good wishes to you, Ian and Mr bentley.


    1. Thank you Janette XO

  12. How terrible for you and Ian to have your private space invaded. I’m thankful that you were not there when it happened. Much love and “good thoughts” are sent to you to get past this horrible experience. Give Mr. Bentley a big hug, this always helps me to stay grounded when undeserving events happen.

  13. I know how you feel. Been there,
    I have purchased a larger floor safe that cannot be moved by hand and only special dolly.
    anytime i leave now i add items like your ipad etc and shut the door .
    I do keep legal and etc papers and some other valuabe items in it at all times
    worth the investment
    so sorry this has happened to you and yours..

  14. Mike and Ian, I know only too well how you are feeling. Scum coming in to your home, ransacking it and just taking the items you need for your work and what you have worked hard for is sickening. You feel violated and insecure in your own home. I will be donating to help you both too. They have hurt you in a most cruel way but, if possible, don’t let them get you down. Keep your chin up and secure you home with extra locks, especially on your work room and bedroom, alarm and CCTV. Sending love, hugs and support xxxxxxx

  15. So sorry to read about your awful experience. Sending big comforting hugs to you all x

  16. So very sorry for you all! Sending big hugs!
    Linda & Rick xxx

  17. That is horrible! So sorry that has happened. Just glad neither one of you were home or injured. So scary. Sending lots of hugs

  18. I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy! I empathize with the feelings of violation and betrayal. You are stand up people, I’m sure there was a far amount of yelling and cussing initially; but, you and Ian need to keep on doing what you do. Those bastards. Hugs from the US.

  19. What an awful thing for Ian to come home to and for you to find out about. I’m just glad that no-one was home so you didn’t get hurt. Such scum. It makes you feel so violated. Stay strong and as you say, don’t let the ……..get you down.

  20. Dear Mike and Ian,
    There are so many people that have no conscience and believe they are entitled to do or have whatever they want. My heart is with you both. I have had 2 cars stolen and have had them broken into multiple times while working. It’s such an invasion into our feeling of safety. I am so glad you are all okay.
    It probably won’t help much but I’ve been wanting some more of your beautiful digi downloads and will buy them today!
    Keep doing what you do guys….your both so great. Again having been there and as someone that enjoys all your efforts and unbeknownst to you both you sometimes lighten my heart and I am so sorry and I hope the thieves like all big ugly fish are caught and don’t get the hook cut out anytime soon.

  21. So sorry to hear your news. Hope you Ian and Mr B are feeling a little shaken but not stirred as you can rise above this temp setback like the Phoenix spirits that you are. As for your nasty visitors (the rotters) I am sure that karma will sort them out. Sending you all virtual hugs and lets hope it’s not long before your usual (fabulous) service can be resumed. Missing you all already love Tracy

  22. Oh Mike. So sorry about your not so good news. Hope the sods get caught. Anyhow, you and Ian are both ok. At least you are insured but some people are proper to-rags! All the best to you all. xx

  23. I’m so sorry you had to experience this! It truly sucks. Be sure to let your neighbors know what happened. Someone may have seen the perps and have information that could help the cops catch them. I foiled a burglary at our house and then discovered that a neighbor had an attempted break-in the same day. When I described my burglar to her, she realized she had seen him across the street from her house as she was leaving for work! The guy was eventually caught and charged with several burglaries in our area, and is currently in prison. I hope your burglar meets the same fate!

  24. Mike, I’m so sorry to hear you got broken into. I hope the police are able to recover what was taken. Sending love and white light to you, Ian and Mr B xx

  25. I am sorry to hear that, it is being invaded of so bad negatively people. They are doing it because they can. They are not people in need. OK I will not go on like this. I wonder do you need any economic help?
    Love and warm hugs from Copenhagen

  26. I am so sorry this happened to you and Ian. I hope your insurance company is cooperative and you can begin to recover and get set up again. Sending love to you, Ian and Mr. Bentley,

  27. So sorry about the burglary, Mike. You and Ian must still be shocked. I didn’t realised until earlier on today when I saw your update Vlog. I hope the thieves are caught and that you both recover soon. It’s such a violation of your space, plus the loss of your things, I’m sure it’ll take some time. Keeping my fingers crossed you get your things back.

  28. I love all the comments so far – so much love being sent your way. I’m glad it was just stuff and that no one was home. The part that is so galling is thinking of (and seeing from your video) all the wonderful things Ian had made over the course of several weeks I’m sure. He then packed it all up, hauled it to another town, unpacked it all and sat for a weekend selling his wares. To then have someone steal that money is just beyond loathsome. Hope you are all back up and running soon.

  29. This is so wretched. I know what it is to be ripped off in this manner and it feels like such a violation of privacy and safety. I hope it will come out alright in the end but still….

    Best wishes for a good outcome.


  30. So sorry to hear about the burglary, how awful! Just glad everyone is ok. Hope you get everything up and running soon. I also believe in Karma!

  31. Hi guys hope the chocolates helped cheer you up. Diet another day . At least your safe. Carry on crafting. Lots of love ❤️ X

    1. Chocolate always helps cheer us up…it’s the simple things in

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