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5×8 Vintage Style Lapbook Project

After receiving a lot of requests to show how I made the 6″x9″ Lapbook, I decided to film the creation of the basic structure, only this time I’ve made a minor adjustment to the size down to 5″x8″ – there’s a method behind my madness!

You can watch the process of how I created the Lapbook in real time, by clicking the YouTube link below, but if you’d like to purchase the base sheets and create along with me, you can do so by clicking the sheet image for more info.

You’ll also need 5 sheets of cardstock cut at 5″x8″ and two strips of cardstock cut at 3/4″ x8″ some glue/double-sided tape, masking tape, brown ink pad, ink applicator and a craft knife or scissors.

If you’d like to see where I got my inspiration for the Lapbook, please visit the channels that I mentioned in the video, links are below to their YouTube channels.

Visit My Inspiration:
Bohemian Crafting:
Elemental Designs:
Nik the Booksmith:

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  1. OMG! Love it! Jumping up right now to make one !

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