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Experimental Painting Practice – Eye Study

Today I wanted to experiment with painting an eye with acrylic paints. It’s something I’ve never really tried to do before but it’s been nagging in the back of my head to give it a try over the past few to silence the nagging I gave it a go.

Ok, it’s not photo-realistic, but I think it’s not bad considering it’s my first attempt!

Click below to watch my process…

1 thought on “Experimental Painting Practice – Eye Study

  1. That is surely a great try. I would look very very closely to Ians Eyes and look at the colours and where there are darker playings, do you see the whole iris? Or the half of it AND how is the Eye it self looks like? – I know you do not want a photographic Eye – But just …. ( I am a former portrait photographer ) look where shades are placed in the Eye… I am sure with these few tricks you might get even more more satisfied.

    I love what you have done already because I know how hard it IS to make Eyes (“What are you making these Eyes for”) hehe. Thanks a bunch for ALL and give Mr. Bentley and Mr. Ian my warm regards

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